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Bowser, the American Black Bear shares his amazing spirit to help us all contemplate a different perspective. He lives with Stanton Pace at Bowser’s Peace Sanctuary, a judgment-free, safe place to experience, connect, and heal with nature, and a 501(c)(3) charity. Here you will find a chance to sit with the spirit, that is nature and Mother Earth, and some of her creatures. Our experience is that this connection is vital to well-being, and the peace sanctuary is a place where people can experience a guided tour to meet Bowser. You can also meet, feed, and get lost in the powerful presence of Billy & Bambi the American Bison, as well as several horses, and our wonderful pack of Great Danes. In 2019, we added Spirit Coach rides in our carriage drawn by two draught horses, and each week we welcome people to join our healing circle. Bowser’s Peace Sanctuary also hosts recovery meetings for people overcoming addiction. Write to us at, visit, or find us on Facebook to learn more.

If you would like to support the peace sanctuary, you can donate to our GoFundMe project.

Watch the KFOR TV interview with Stanton Pace and Bowser:

Great State: Wildlife Wood Carver Has a Unique Relationship With His Furry Model

KFOR NEWS Interview with Pace and Bowser

TECUMSEH, OKLAHOMA — Take a big chunk of black walnut and Stanton Pace likes to follow the grains and growth rings.

They tell him most about what shape his carved animals might become.

“Let’s say I want to make a bear,” he says. “I’ll start carving and let the grain tell me how the features are going to be.”

But Stan has something else few other carvers like him can boast, especially when it comes to carving bears.

He has a live model, a 3 and a half-year old male, black bear named Bowser.

The Paces bought him as a 5 week old cub.

They raised him in their house until he got too big.

After that they moved him to a luxury enclosure right next to where Stan does his carving.

Stan brushes his thick coat and says, “This is our model, our model for bears.”

They spend a lot of time together, these two.

When Stan needs a certain pose the treats come out.

“There are many times when I’ll bring out a packet of honey and I’ll put it on the fence where Bowser can give me an angle where I can see his eyelid, or his lip, or his little mouth, and just when you think you’ve got it right he’ll do something else that’s even better.”

Full disclosure, I didn’t venture into Bowser’s area.

Stan’s wife Shanna carried a miniature camera inside the fence.

They tell us Bowser minds her better than he would a stranger.

But when it comes to special relationships you won’t find one better than this artist and model.

“While sharing a bag of marshmallows Stan waxes, “We like to hold hands and take sunset walks, and look into each others’ eyes.”

Model and muse together in one 500 pound package.

That’s Bowser.

Their connection is definitely unique.

There’s a bit of him in every piece of wood Stan carves.

Have you met Bowser?

Bowser’s Woodcarving Tshirts available via email.

 Go Fund Me — Bowser’s Habitat.

Supporters of Bowser’s Peace Sanctuary may receive one-of-a-kind pieces created from Bowser’s fur or carvings by Stanton Pace.

The Story Behind Gifts Made from Bowser’s Fur

Bracelets made from Bowser’s Spirit Fur available. All proceeds go to support Bowser’s habitat

I call this “gifted” fur because Bowser willingly lets me brush him every day in the summer to remove his winter fur.  I want to stress in an attempt not to put bears in danger — that this fur can only be given willingly from a live bear. A killed bear would only have a small handful of fur available. I can brush Bowser for 15 minutes or 4 hours, but only a small handful of fur is loose and available each day. It takes all summer to collect enough to take to our special spinner Nicole Terrell, who spins it together at the proper thickness and presents us with about 40 yards of yarn. That is all that’s available, and that’s another reason this gifted fur is so special to me. From this yarn, I have been creating bracelets, necklaces, and other braided gifts. These have not been for sale for profit, only as special gifts from Bowser and me. 

If you would like to contribute to developing Bowser’s Peace Sanctuary, you may write to me to order a spirit fur object. I have braided the spirit fur with leather or hemp (your choice). For jewelry, I’ve also added a small wooden end that latches through a looped end and a small adjuster bead for a snug fit. I’ve made other gifts with beaded feathers and other designs, and I will continue to make unique pieces and one-of-a-kinds. 

I personally like to use my bracelet as a tool to help me stay mindful. Every time I see it on my wrist I simply say thank you, thank you, thank you,  as I was taught by an amazing healer “White Bear.”

Bracelets made from Spirit Fur available to support Bowser’s habitat improvements

This gifted fur is a symbol of love/Bowser’s spirit into the world of form. I hope that these gifts will help make it possible to improve Bowser’s habitat, and we both thank you for your support.


Stanton Pace

Spirit Coach rides from Bowser’s Peace Sanctuary